Monday, September 13, 2010


“Blessed are…” Congratulations! “…the poor in spirit…”
“Blessed are…” Congratulations! “…those who mourn…”
“Blessed are…” Congratulations! “…the meek…”
“Blessed are…” Congratulations! “those who hunger and thirst for righteousness…”
“Blessed are…” Congratulations! “…the merciful…”
“Blessed are…” Congratulations! “…the pure in heart…”
“Blessed are…” Congratulations! “the peacemakers…”
“Blessed are…” Congratulations! “…those who are persecuted for righteousness’ sake…”
“Blessed are you…” Congratulations! “when others revile you and persecute you and utter all kinds of evil against you falsely on my account…”
Matthew 5:3-11
Blessed are you in your humility and mourning, in your gentleness that gets walked on and your deep hunger for doing what’s right.  Blessed are you when they laugh at that odd desire!  Blessed are you as you give mercy to the one who keeps offending you - purposely!  Blessed are you with your purity of heart… .that gets easily taken advantage of.  Blessed are you who stands between angry cries of injustice and attempts, somewhat sloppily, to reconcile brothers.  Ouch!  You are in the middle of the thrown punches!  Blessed are you when you do the right thing and get the wrong response.  Blessed are you!  Congratulations!  Your opportunities are incredible!!!
The subtle put downs and sly remarks, the constant hope that you will trip and fall so someone can point it out… .the enjoyment of your failures… .they are buying for you some great rewards.  Yes, at the heart of this Hebraic message is “Congratulations!”.  The disciple of a Cross-Bearer has a wonderful opportunity to bear a cross.  
You, yes you, the one hurt but biting your tongue… .the one in pain and getting no comfort, yet, still offering comfort to others who mourn.  You, over there, the one going the extra mile to negotiate a reconciliation between brothers.  I bet your shoes are worn and your feet hurt.  And you, yes you, kneeling with your face burrowed into the floor saying, “God, I need more grace to forgive.  God help me!”… . I would assume that the sting from the last assault has not totally healed and yet you are pursuing forgiveness and choosing to love that sister once again.  To all of you who keep on giving and forgiving… .to every Naomi, who in her anguish does not reject Ruth and to every Ruth who through her tearful shaking still gives young hands to provide bread for a bitter Naomi… .Congratulations.  You have been given the Divine opportunity to bear a cross.. .to bow low and do what you ought to for the human race amidst little or no earthly reward… .Blessed are you!
Don’t pass up this opportunity…

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