Kimberly, the Writer

...have pencil & pen... .will scribble & script.  That about says it all!  In my flourishing mind, tales are spun nearly twenty-four-seven.  Travel locations are sought.  Descriptions of quirky ancient practices are Googled.  My ear presses hard against the airwaves... .do I hear exaggeration in your tone... .may I borrow that?  May I blog today?  

I was born a reader and a writer.  I am now 33 and I write.  After many of my own experiences under the earthen sun, words have stirred and been recovered.  I am also Wife, Mother, Friend and Lover and growing like any good foliage should.  I enjoy sunlight, poetry and my daughters bright personality.  I aspire to travel and write and write and write.  And write children's books, poetry books, Biblical story books and maybe even a travel book.  I love to search the Scriptures and weave its pieces into pictures.  My joy is complete when I discover the hidden delights and tall tales of new peoples and cultures.  One day I will go there... .somewhere... .everywhere.... .I promise you.  

I have a good beginning.  I write as much as I can to hone my skills.  I keep this blog going.  I photograph and illustrate - that should come in handy.  I have completed 2 years of Ministry School at my local church and I am currently attending Regent University online.  A Bachelor of Arts in English/ Creative Writing endures my completion.  I also write for RUN - Regent Undergraduate Newsletter.  Then what?  Maybe a Masters in Biblical Studies and a few trips to France and a course in Travel Writing and a couple of self-published children's books and. ....well... .maybe that's enough for now.  We will see....

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