Friday, April 23, 2010

Life is a Beautiful Thing

…..It is worth our attention.  It is worth our affection.  It is worth our time and worth our resources.  It is worth our nurture.  It is worth our focus.  It is worth our labor and it is worth our devotion.  Look around.  All this life is worth everything you’ve got and then some.  One life is so precious, it is worth the sacrifice of another.  Although we may not feel this to be so concerning much of the life around us by our own evaluation, we prove it to be true. …in the blink of an eye, in an uncalculated moment. …before the hammer falls, the shot is fired and all goes dark, we step in.  Before the blow of death is administered, we take the punch.  We take the bullet.  We intercede.  That is, if we have any sense of Life at all.

It seldom happens during the long and the grueling opportunities for sacrifice.  The times that humanity suffers slowly.  Those moments of grandeur usually come when our minds have had little time to process the level of sacrifice about to be made.  Instinct requires us to take the bullet for another life about to be blown away.  We prove, that in our deepest parts we believe, that another life is worth saving at the cost of our very own.  

So the simple truth can be simply said: somewhere within our conscience we are aware that Life is precious and worth saving at the price of an equal sacrifice.  

In 2000 years of historical frustration with Humanity, Creator God, had not changed His perspective on this simple truth either.  It wasn’t about what Humanity had or had not done right or wrong.  It was all about the quality of the creation.  It was all about the desire of the Creator to enjoy, very personally, that quality creation once again.  Therefore, with eyes wide open, in a very calculated moment, after Humanity had already been shot and left for dead, He came closer than He had ever before to this frustrated, beautiful, created Life….

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