Friday, November 19, 2010


Son of David.  Yes, He is a true Son of Israel’s most exalted human king - a man of genuine human pity. David pitied himself as frequently, or perhaps more frequently, than he pitied others; nevertheless, we can be sure that David pitied the human condition and its subsequent need for Divine mercy.  Son of David, Son of the Pitiful King, show mercy….
There is a place somewhere at the back of our conscience, often ignored.  It is a little tap-tap that begs us to wake up and remember that we are just like the next guy.  Humanity, being frail and messy as it is, exists in a common need for mercy.  Mercy is one of the great prevailing themes of Scripture.  God Himself is so utterly appalled when human beings disgrace the conditions and positions of other human beings.  They show no Mercy.  The rugged intervals of history discover our proneness to devalue, conquer, usurp, make fools of, discard, dismiss, misuse and carelessly expose others.  
Have Pity.  Pity, as we have encountered it scripturally, is not about expressing a sad feeling or giving a few dimes of charity - pity is about connecting with the human condition of another.  We see ourselves in their condition.  We understand that today or tomorrow or the next day, we could be positioned where they are positioned.  One ought to graciously consider the frail condition of his or her neighbor.  One ought to take care in how he or she responds to Divinity’s living image bearers.
“So whatever you wish that others would do to you, do also to them…” Matthew 7:12.
Pity.   It is not a sad feeling or a few dimes of charity.  It is an honest evaluation of our human condition that bows itself under another and unburdens the soul.  We get under humanity and lift it up to humanness.  The Son of David had real Mercy - He did unto humanity what He desired humanity would do for Him.  You have a wonderful opportunity, Today, to feed and clothe, to unburden the soul, of Jesus Christ.  How so?  Well, “as you did to the least of of these my brothers or sisters, you did it to me,” Matthew 26:40.  Have Pity on humanity - each one is just like you.  Not sadness or charity.  Give Mercy.  Unburden the soul.  Lift up!

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