Thursday, November 18, 2010

"Son of David!" Part 5

If you have ever felt the Spirit of God rush your senses and drive you into Divine action, you will know what I mean when I say the Son of David was supernaturally motivated that day.  He burst the bonds of well meaning human oppressors to satisfy these hopeful souls.  “Bring them to me!” he hollered over the noise, commanding a path to open with His hands.  Some of the onlookers were a bit embarrassed by His decision; especially the helpful disciple nicely scolding those poor blind men.  Yes, very few could feel more scolded then he - poor man!
The blind men couldn’t see their Healer.  They felt humbled hands guide them through the throng.  The older attempted to straighten himself into a respectable, manly stance before the Son of David…. .this descendent of human kings.  A Divine human man lingered before another human man and had pity on a condition He knew too well.  No, probably not the patronizing pity you are accustomed to imagine here.  The Son of David beheld two blind men stripped of all his dignity; in a class of useless society.  They were creaturely characters thrown money after a beggarly performance.  Jesus had come, not to throw money, but to unburden souls….
  “What do you want from me?” the Son of David bowed His head a bit in acknowledgment of a worthy transactor.   I have come to make a trade with you blind man because you are a man with something of your own to offer.  He gives more than sight; He restores life… .a life for a life.
The blind man said… .now don’t be too hasty; consider his words… . “Let me recover my sight.”  Let me recover.  He didn’t say “Give me my sight.”  He said “Let me recover my sight.”  Son of David, rend the justice of Heaven and let me recover my humanity again!  HAVE MERCY!  Restore what I have lost and am losing!  Just like the rest of us, this blind man did not want to borrow charity.  He longed for the restoration of his dignity; the opportunity to, with good eyes, join the human drama.  “And Jesus said to him, ‘Recover your sight, your faith has made you well’,” Luke 18:42.  Son of David, you give credit where credit is undue - Bless You!  For now a blind man has recovered his dignity in the deep recesses of his heart and can boast - “By faith, I recovered my sight!”
Yes, there were two blind men.  Actually there were undoubtedly many.  The narrators of the gospel account mix and mention many stories.  In another account, “there were two blind men sitting by the roadside” and “Jesus in pity touched their eyes”.  It’s the same story - one, two or a hundred.  The blind men who came to Jesus for Mercy all “recovered their sight” and they “followed him”.  It was a good dignifying exchange of means and gains.  In the economy of human lives, God is just and invites us to partner with His recovering and restoring intercession.  The Son of David and two blind men did good business that day.  It’s one day in the life of a Merciful Intercessor.  Make way for the Son of David to teach us how to intercede for the human mess…
Luke 18:35-43.
Matthew 20:29-34.

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