Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Day You Were Born

The day you were born, God smiled.  Maybe He did so much more than that.  I think He laughed with pleasure.  He gathered up all of His most precious thoughts and He soared upon the four winds of the seasons to deposit every single one of them in your atmosphere.  You were everything that He hoped you would be.  Everything that He desired you to be.  You were already all of those things incarnate.  “It is very good,”  Genesis 1:31.  It sounds absolutely wonderful!  But if you are anything like me, the experiences of life have done awfully little to enforce this and it just seems too good to be true.  So is it true?  Is humanity really this desirable?  Even to a God who is far better than us in every sense of the word?  

Actually, it is so much closer to the truth than anything we ever experience.  Our outside influences and generational dispositions find themselves in constant conflict over its reality.  And we are here, born into planet earth, trying desperately to believe that what we see and feel is not true.  Somehow, between all of the twists and turns of life, God’s original evaluation of our person gets lost.  How did it happen?

There isn’t a child born of human descent that wasn’t born for loving.  Our newly conceived hearts are awakened to the need for it.  A natural consciousness sparks within that first mille-second to the whisperings and wooings of Creator God.  Our first arousal is to His communication with our dust.  We are made by God.   There is something amazing and exciting about our introduction to the world.  We have been anticipated, not only by family and friends, but also by God.  Our arrival brings with it another opportunity for our Creator to display His unsurpassed love and indescribable affection on earth.  He has been waiting expectantly to walk with us.  “Enoch walked with God,” Genesis 5:24.  His great pleasure was in the simplicity of sharing company. 

Honest to goodness… .on the day you were born, here is written the unseen Truth: A Deified love song from Heavenly realms aroused your desirable form and function to the Eternal possibility of walking with your Creator, the Lover of your Humanity.  Really, that’s how it all started.  And I venture to assume that the beautiful Heavenly sound, the desire of Divinities heart, went slightly unnoticed and largely forgotten, because… .on the day you were born, you were also introduced to an adverse atmosphere.  And I would also venture to assume that this atmosphere aroused your human heart to a thousand and one ancient arguments against this Loving Creator and… .against You.  Selah.


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