Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Human Canvas

There are those who suppose we are a blank slate, an unwritten story, an untouched canvas.  This is some true and some untrue.  We are partly blank, partly unwritten and partly untouched.  We are only partly fresh and new.  We are more or less made of recycled materials given an opportunity for re-creation.  We are a canvas that has been painted before, and now will be recovered and painted again.  The old work of art will have some influence on the new.  Some of its formation will be inherited from the strokes that lie beneath.  The brand new You that enters planet earth has a long history.  What is historically, experientially unknown to your outer consciousness will affect your inner spirit nonetheless.  From the womb, your human canvas had already been written upon.  From the womb, you were baptized in the humanness of generations past.  

However, each one of us also carries the imprint of a Spiritual Deity.  Deity has always been part of our personal story and individual painting.  We have been formed in the image of Divinity.  And this original imprint leaves us eternally conscious of our need for the Divine.  From somewhere within our own DNA, we possess a consciousness of God.  He is part of our canvas even if He is not part of our painting.  Divinity haunts us from within our created being even if He has no bestowed part in our story.  Humanity has, embedded within its very flesh and blood, an inborn consciousness of both Divinity and Dust.  “…He has put eternity into man’s heart…” Ecclesiastes 3:11.  From our very own human hearts, we know Divinity is there… .we know He’s somewhere.  But our communication and consciousness with a history of Dust confuse our perspective…. .because…

….we also carry the imprints of our human ancestors.  Our blood already flows with many ancestral belief systems about Deity, humanity, enemies, friends and environments.  History has influenced or Present.  The ancient arguments of our ancestral past have already influenced and conformed our thoughts, our emotions, our will and our desires.  We enter the world a partly touched canvas, a partly written story.  

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