Friday, May 7, 2010

Opportunity and Ancient Arguments

God was present on the day of our birth.  He was present within our very make-up and consciousness of our need for love.  We are a grand opportunity for Divinity to express Himself in a truly genuine and unique form.  The God of creation deeply anticipates the possibility our Human being offers.  We are a beautiful opportunity for love in all of its Divine expressions.  And the God of true love could simply have His pure way with us if there were no interference.  But there is a great deal of interference.  There are approximately a million and one ancestral arguments running through our veins that contribute to our perception of God.  We enter this world with many suggestions concerning where to give and take love.  We are conscious of the wars of our fathers and mothers… .the wars that have been waged within their own hearts and minds, the arguments they carried on with the Divine.  We are conscious, yet not consciously, of their battles.  Generations past, all culminating in our blood, have battled with personal disbelief in this loving Deity.  Generations past have struggled with and against the Master Artist and His attempts to woo, restore and express through them.  These battles, these struggle, wage war within us.  These suggestions and arguments carry on from generation to generation seeking answers, resistance, appeasement and ultimately Peace.
Our individual stories are marked by the difficult choices we make inside of these many suggestions and ancient arguments concerning the Divine.  Although God knows us very well, we do not enter this Human world fully convinced of whom He is.  We do not enter the world convinced that He is the Lover we need to experience.  We are left very open to other possibilities and persons who will offer themselves as a necessary source.  We are all too often prey to ancient arguments and free range to other sources, other lovers, other saviors.
The Divine Creator is merely one of many ideas, many possibilities for love.  
Where do all of your perceptions of Divinity come from?  Have you considered how many of them are inherited from your ancestral past?  Your DNA is littered with their arguments against God.  Your blood runs with their perceptions.  What will you do with these?  What will you choose to believe…. .Your Dust or His Divinity?
On your newborn day, God was present to rejoice over you, to discover you, to woo you and restore you, to express Himself through you and baptize you in His goodness.  But you and I and all other Humans of planet earth, were a battleground of ancient perceptions of the Divine.  Some perhaps correct and probably many incorrect.  This was your newborn condition.  You were a grand and beautiful opportunity for the Greatest Love Story ever told, a fantastic consummation of Divinity and Dust…. .or the Bloodiest Battle of all history.  You were and are an opportunity for just about anything, among many ancient arguments.  

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