Monday, December 13, 2010

A Wicked Man (or Woman)

“ A worthless person, a wicked man (or woman), goes about with crooked speech, winks with his (or her) eyes, signals with his (or her) feet, points with his (or her) finger, with perverted heart devises evil, continually sowing discord…” Proverbs 6:12-15.
A wink… .a suggestion.  A shuffling of the feet… .a questioning.  A pointing finger… .a presumptive judgmentAh yes, he or she says, I know about that one.  Have you heard about this one?  I am certain this is the way that they are…  You are not entirely aware how it happened but suddenly you are full of information.  Information you did not seek.  Suggestive information.  It was not given so that you could run and apprehend a brother or sister and rescue them from the grip of sin and death.  It was just a passing thought passed on to you for something… .but for what?
What is the desire of this informer?  Is it as the proverb said: to sow discord?!
The proverb is so plain in calling this person perverted, evil, wicked, even worthless!  Now we understand what drains one’s worth - it is the disbanding of brother and sisterhood.  It is the wink, the signal, the point that sows discord; that divides one from another.  It shuts the ear to the helplessness of sister and brother.  It gathers one thousand suggestions in the hearer’s ear - a cold current, a violent wind that carries their heart far away from the concerns of their sisters and brothers.  
The worthless, wicked person has no worth because they have shunned their company.  They have refused to bear burdens and make peace. Where is their human worth?  They are a thorn in the side of their companions; always jabbing, speaking, dividing, “sowing discord”.  It is not that God or mankind have rejected them; it is that they have rejected the compaionship of God and mankind.  They have separated their heart and body from burden-bearing, peace-making worth.
Be not a wicked man or woman that sows discord among brothers and sisters, for, as the proverb continues to say, “…calamity will come upon him (or her) suddenly; in a moment he (or she) will be broken beyond healing,” Proverbs 6:15.  Consider that the man or woman who sows discord is entirely alone.  There are no burden-bearers to support them, no peace-makers to reconcile them to their enemies, therefore, their burdens and enemies will break them… .suddenly and in a moment!

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