Saturday, July 2, 2011

Love is...

1 Corinthians 13:4-8 
“Love believes all things…”  God believes all things.
He recognizes that all things are legitimate.  Belief suggests legitimacy.  That something is real, not a lie.  God believes ALL things.  He accepts that all things are a form or fashion of reality.  Nothing can exist that has not been made.  So even a fabrication is part of reality.  He believes humanity.   The legitimacy of our pain, misery, suffering, foolishness, fears, anger, hate, love, joys, passions, celebrations etc…  He does not deny our perspectives or emotions.   God connects with our versions of reality in one way or another.  He meets with us and broods to bring change or enjoy our faith.  God meets with us for real.  

This causes us to engage humanity.  Though most of the human perspective is blind and vague we still encounter it with a heart of legitimacy.  We come to understand that each heart exists within its interpretation of reality and many of those hearts are seeking a better one.  We meet with people for real.  We accept their perspective as legitimate and, often conversely, we accept the legitimacy of Christ’s testimony.  We believe ALL that is Christ and we believe that all that is Christ is able to overcome all that is not part of His reality.  God believes that His grace is sufficient to right all human wrongs and therefore we put our faith in this.  We believe that ALL may be saved.  To believe all things is to have secure hope that all things are partially legitimate, to engage them as such and to have an assurance that they may be fully and wholly restored to reality in Christ! 

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