Thursday, July 14, 2011

Love is...

1 Corinthians 13:4-8 
“Love never ends…”  God never ends.
He is eternal.  And His love is eternal. It continues beyond judgment and the grave.  He continues to love the very people that were both favorably or adversely judged by the righteous laws He set in place.  His law and His righteousness are best for creation and His nature sustains creation.  His attitude is that He would be cut off from existence, righteousness fulfilled and justification made complete, for the sake of our salvation.   Therefore, we must receive this final verdict towards our flesh yet poured out upon Himself.  We just receive this eternity - this eternal love.  Its sustenance is powerful to resurrect us from the grave and carry us into eternity.  If He is eternal and His love is eternal than those who receive are given His life for eternity.

There are those who do not recieve.  Eternal love still cries out.  He always cries out for those who are separated.  God still loves.  This causes us to continue to love.  We love our enemies even beyond the grave.  It is our love that carries the power of resurrection for those who are dying in their flesh.  This love remains.  It is constant.  It provokes us to disallow any personal offense to hinder our sustaining affections.  We love and love and love because He has loved us… .forever.  

Love is our existence both now and forevermore.  It never changes.  It never ends.  It has no limits or boundaries.  Where love is operating there is absolute freedom to act because actions are governed by love.  Love is the fulfillment of all of the restrictions that God has set to protect the sanctity of His people.  It is also the sacrifice that perfectly reveals God’s heart towards a rebellious world.  Love is unlimited in its ability and resource to save.  If we love, we have succeeded, even if no one else seems to know it.  Because love is never a failure.  God is love. He never fails.

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