Friday, December 31, 2010

Do Justice, Love Mercy

There is a Divine contradiction in our midst.  God’s will is declared to be a good mixture of justice and mercy among men.  How is one to do justice through restitution while also loving to be merciful through forgiveness?  How is one to expect an “eye for an eye” (Matthew 5:38) while also doing “as you wish that others to do to you” (Matthew 5:12)?  How is one to take an eye in justice while also refusing to take an eye in mercy?  O God, how confusing is Your good will among us!
The Peacemaker asks “What do you have to make restitution?”  The Guilty Human says, “I have nothing.”  The Peacemaker says, “Than you must give your life.”  The Guilty Human moans.  The Peacemaker is right and just to demand his life.  The Peacemaker bows His heart.  “I will give My life instead,” He says.  The Guilty Human is grateful, “Thank you for Your mercy.”  He pauses and considers, “Than I will give my days and times to Your restored posterity, Peacemaker, for it is just.”  The Peacemaker returns to the Wronged Human.  “Restitution will be made for your loss,” He says.  “How?” asks the Wronged Human.  “I will give My life.  You may take from Me what was lost,” says the Peacemaker.  The Wronged Human considers.  He is grateful, “Thank you for Your offer Peacemaker,” He says, “But I cannot take Your life.”  “But you cannot take the life of the Guilty Human,” He says, “For I have offered My life instead.”  “Yet, I cannot take it,” says the Wronged Human, “I will forgive instead.”  “You have made an admirable decision, yet, I will still give My life since justice must be served,” says the Peacemaker.  And so it happened that the Peacemaker served justice and facilitated, even admired, mercy.  The Guilty Human came close to the Wronged Human as a Forgiven Human.  The Wronged Human came close to the Guilty Human as a Restored Human.  All came close.  The Peacemaker’s good will, although He was gone, continued to work among Humans.
And so it has been since the foundations of Eternity.  The Peacemaker has always moved, in heart, among men to serve justice and facilitate mercy.  He has always offered Himself as the measure and means of Peace.  Who is this Jesus?  He is a contradictory force among us.  One encounter with His peacemaking heart requires of us and inspires us to forgive and receive His personal means of restitution.  It’s probably not the way that we would satisfy justice or show mercy should we choose to show it at all, yet, it is considered the best way… .the only way… .for those who believe.
You, do justice, love mercy.

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