Saturday, January 1, 2011


It’s a beautiful portrait: the vision of prodigious wings billowing upon our planetary chaos and assailing the fierce powers of the air.  Under the shadow of a mighty Messiah await the convicts of justice… .human men, women and children of every race and creed… .considering His fierce accountability and honoring this merciful opportunity.  There, in the arena of human destinations, are a multitude, a small, small multitude of decisions; each one hoping dearly for the promised acquittal in the flesh.  Prayers and paupers, everyone.  The powers rally their arguments in the most honest historical assault for which there are never any further arguments and the winged Messiah descends at the brink of His own final answer….
“But for you who fear my name, the sun of righteousness shall rise with healing in its wings,” Malachi 4:22.
All the Guilty have no arguments and no fingers to point.  All the Guilty have surrendered to the honesty of their guilt.  What more is there to do if there is no hope?  A bowed head.  A passing shamed thought.  An acknowledgment of impending doom.  And there in the clouds is a Holy One with all rights of accusation.  But, it has been said that He comes with an unfamiliar cause, yet, one heard of, written down, preached and prophesied.  The cause of joining justice to mercy and mercy to justice.  The cause of proclaiming them equals in purpose.  This fierce Bird of Prey has turned to become their Deliverer.  
A picture has been painted to glare in our eyes of a strong and mighty Deliver high above us.  He is the brightness of the sun, a metaphorical bearer of justice.  The Sun rises in righteous judgment.  He is the shadowy cool of a mother’s wings covering the unfeathered bodies of her young.  The Winged Creature unfolds in merciful healing.  The Guilty are brought under.
Yes, it is a beautiful portrait.  The Son of God, righteous in judgment has brought His person over our vulnerable convicted flesh and covered us.  This Bird of Prey dares anyone to lift even a feather and expose our broken spirits.  Will anyone consider pointing a finger?  I dare so, no.  The powers of the air shriek a buzzardly concert.  They also will keep their good distance.  For who can question His choices?  Who can change His mind?  Who dares to suggest that this Jesus make an alternative judgment when He has fixed mercy in His mind and heart as its equal?  Who can question… .and who can understand?  For whom the Deliverer chooses to acquit, cover and protect, let not mankind presume to suggest any other judgment.

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