Sunday, August 1, 2010


Life has natural boundaries.  When God created the universe, He separated Night from Day by making the Night dark and the Day light.  There was a natural boundary.  When He formed the human body, He put blood within the boundaries of veins and thought within the boundaries of the brain.  Life has natural boundaries.  
We know that God respects the need for boundaries.  Conscience tells us that not everything we observe is ours for the taking.  Our authority begins and ends, our wisdom begins and ends, our rights begin and end.  All that we are and have is within limitations.  We cannot lawfully usurp or possess anything we please. 
David mentions the boundaries of his own life in Psalms 16:6, “The lines have fallen for me in pleasant places; indeed, I have a beautiful inheritance.”  David recognized that the boundaries God had placed spaciously around his spirit were a beautiful heritage of Life.  There was no need to manipulate those boundaries.  However, sometimes we do manipulate boundaries and sometimes others manipulate our own…
And because lawlessness will be increased…” Matthew 24:12.  Someone will probably step over a boundary today.  More than likely, many people will step over boundaries today and cross over into another individual’s personal inheritance.  The boundary crosser will look around and carefully consider the collection of emotional, mental, spiritual and physical belongings.  “Which portion will I claim for myself?” he or she will think.  And for a moment too long they will close down their conscience to grab a little here and a little there.  Maybe you crossed a boundary today.  Or maybe someone crossed your boundary today and you experienced an injustice…

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