Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Swordless King

The servant’s agonizing cry rippled hard against the eardrums of the armed band of arrestees.  It was fuel for the stoked fires of eagerly murderous thoughts.  See, this man really is a rebel leader!  The detached left ear landed at the feet of a scribe, splattering blood along the edges of his ceremonially clean robe.  A Roman guard bowed his shoulder to steady the youth as a wash of uneasy regret came and went from the scribe’s face.  The sound of many worldviews could be heard riding on the ends of fists, clubs, swords and daggers.  The entire escapade was not about lives, it was about kingdoms…
Startled moments before, among the fragrant perfumes of creamy olive blossoms, a misunderstanding disciple had arisen to the drama of this small invading army with a question, “Lord, shall we strike with the sword?” Luke 22:29.  To the average Jew, the unfolding story was a clash of kingdoms; a fight to the death of opposing agendas.  Reoccurring history had once again pitted I against They.
The servant writhed in bitter reminder of our humanness.  The middle aged man known as Jesus, a teacher, healer, and mistakenly labeled rebel leader, threw His unyielding love forward and recovered the human ear.  Odd.  What would he do with it?  Declare a sadistic revolt of blood by flinging it into the air?  No.  The Son of God once again declared an unearthly kingdom; His right hand, that had previously coddled His rough bearded face, embracing bloody streams of painful tears, set the ear gently upon its life source and wordlessly demanded a bond.  He had no quarrel with this servant, with these soldiers and these priests.  To this Man of Galilee, descended of Heaven, there were no real enemies here… .just men of lost identity and misguided hearts, brandishing deadly swords of perishing wars.  
His kingdom was not of this world.  His sword did not fight these battles.  He was here to take nothing from us.  He had no personal vengeance or agenda of His own.  He came to give and die.  Therefore, He came to us with no sword.
“Have you come out as against a robber, with swords and clubs?” Luke 22:52.  Selah.

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