Tuesday, August 31, 2010

They Know Not What They Do

We have reached the climax of our story.  The moment in history that made all things new.  The crossroad of God and humanity.  The place where we kissed the Son and the Son kissed us.  “And when they came to the place that is called The Skull, there they crucified him, and the criminals, one on his right and one on his left.  And Jesus said, ‘Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do’,” Luke 23:33-34.  
Up until this point, we know that every human life is a uniquely created being.  Each is thoroughly desired by Divinity.  We know that God beautifully designed the cosmos.  And that He is familiar with all of its ways.  We know that there is an Adversary.  That he positions himself against anything that represents God.  We know that he works aggressively to stir humanities hearts against God and each other.  We know that in our weakness we are easily deceived and driven to this end.  We know that all have been victimized by this scheme.  And all, at some point have victimized another.  We know that justice is needed.  And lastly, we know that humanity has never been able to adequately and successfully establish that justice.  But, by a Divine Miracle, our Savior adequately and successfully established it.  Justice was fully accomplished at the cross!  “Father, forgive them…”  
Let every wounded soul stop here.  Look and listen.  Let every assaulted vessel pause and wait.  Every sin aroused individual lie down here.  Groan here.  Lament here.  Languish.  Let every angry man and women be still here.  Be embarrassed.  But be unburdened and be tamed.  Let every violent warrior be pursued here.  Be overtaken.  Be bound with mercy.  Be understood and released of pain.  Let hot and cold tears flow from the human race.  You have all been forgiven.  
Killing God’s Son is our most wicked act.  And it’s not altogether unusual.  The image of God is all around us, reproduced every day.  We have very little regard for this reality.  But the Son of God is a completely integral expression of God, not just a fingerprint in our genes.  He is the sum of everything that is God.  And Psalm 2 tells us that the nations rage against the Son… .against His beautiful, loving and preserving government in the hearts of men.  Yet, you have been forgiven for the death of the Son.  All your hot passions against Him are forgiven.   He knows you were deceived to this.  He knows you thought your way of survival to be better.  He knows that you didn’t understand what you were doing.  “…for they know not what they do.”
Put your weapons down.  Lay down your swords.  No one is guilty anymore.  There is no life to take for a life.  It was already taken.  He heard you.  He knew that you were in pain.  He knew that an Adversary had come and stolen and destroyed in your atmosphere.  He knew that others had joined him.  Divinity was there.  But instead of taking the life of the victim who victimized you, He gave His own.  Are you satisfied?  Is the cross enough?  It was enough for God.  It was enough for His Son.  

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