Wednesday, August 11, 2010

One Little Ewe, part 2

In the early afternoon of that very day, the poor man’s sons tended to the little ewe.  The older sons groomed her and the younger sons cleaned her pen behind their street level apartment home on the outskirts of the city.  When finished, they sojourned a short distance to a nearby field just outside the city gate to gather grass for this favored family pet.
While the sons were away in the field and the father was away doing business at a neighbors home and the mother was away searching the market for fresh vegetables for the evening meal, four hired men crept into the little ewe’s pen and stealthily whisked her away.
The sons returned, the father returned and the mother returned, each to find the precious little ewe missing from her pen.  That evening and late into the night their cries could be heard through the city streets and at the neighbors doors as they searched high and low for their pet….
“How do you like the arrangement of foods, my friend!?” the rich man boasted as he waved towards the feast spread across the low table.  The traveler leaned heartily into the silk cushions that covered the marble floor.  “Well done!  Well done!” he praised, arousing his appetite, “A great tribute to your excellent cooks!”  
The rich man slightly concealed his smirk, “I chose this succulent lamb very specifically for this occasion,” he sneered, “I took special care in my choice… .I believe you will enjoy every.. .juicy.. .bite,” he emphasized.  The rich man motioned to his staff to serve the lamb. “Yes,” he chuckled, “I believe this will be a satisfying feast…..”
To be continued…

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