Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Fallen Frailty

How much of my skin can you see?  
I will pull the covers a little tighter  
I will build a little higher and a little thicker around my soul
My flesh is painted bright orange
It continually summons the unwanted eyes
Surrounded by battlements and towers
Everyone knows it’s just my flesh and blood in here
I cannot forgive my imperfections
I cannot agree with my inabilities
I am frail and it bothers me
How much of my skin can you see?
Is my nakedness unsightly?
Can you see I’ve been misused?
I am disadvantaged in my surroundings
And I can be taken advantage of
I will hold my weapons a little higher
A little tighter in my hand
If they come to me, I will cut them
If they bruise me, they also will bleed
How much of my skin can you see?
I can see yours too
You are naked under your defenses
And this knowledge will be my key
I cannot forgive your imperfections
I choose to agree with your inabilities
You are frail and it bothers you
If you bruise me, you also will bleed

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