Saturday, August 14, 2010

Sin Exploits

How much sin can I get away with and still go to heaven?
Eeeer.  Brake.  Stop.  Rewind.  Huh?  Are you serious?  What kind of question is that?  A question arising from a VERY skewed perspective of sin….
Sin always leads to some form of death!  Temporal or Etnernal.  Physical or Emotional.  Intellectual or Material.  Someone, somewhere will be dramatically affected by our choices.  Sin strives to usurp a will, take a possession, destroy a destiny, break a body… .and the list goes on.    Sin reaches over the boundary lines and extracts power.  It considers itself authorized beyond the restrictions of conscious.  It ignores the cry.  It refuses justice.  It justifies itself.  It is its own authority.  Sin creeps.  Sin ravages.  Sin exploits.  Period.  There is nothing worthy or right about the unfettered false authority of sin.
Uriah died.  Bathsheba lay uncovered.  A womb was deprived its joy.  David nearly seared his conscious.  A sword vanquished household justice.  A son rebelled.  Many, many innocent were exploited.  Read the story in 2 Samuel, chapter 11 through chapter 18.  A story of sin and the sword.  The heavenly righteous and all good Bible readers with a conscience are silent.  One self-authorized, self-justified sin brought robbery, death and destruction to a multitude.  No one feels sorry for David.  
This isn’t about afterlives.  This is about the destructive power of sin.  God says, “No” for a reason.  We may not know all the reasons, but we better heed the “No”.  We Humans are not authorized to move beyond it.   Any amount of sin we engage brings just that much exploitation to someone, somewhere.  Its not a game of how much we can and cannot do.  Sin is destructive and painful in the long run.  
God takes unfettered sins very seriously.  In a world where He actively strives to preserve wholeness, purity and soundness - to revive and renew creation to such a state - He has absolutely no tolerance of sin's aggressive and abusive tyranny.  God has never been in the business of holding an unnecessary pious standard for no good reason.  He has been a God who hates sin because its very nature exposes and undignifies creation.  It is a force that removes boundaries at a whim and reveals our weak, usurped condition.  God hates the works and affects of sin.  
He hates it because He loves you.
God has a holy place - a whole, pure and sound place - for you and I to dwell.  No exploitation.  Only dignity.  We can, individually at the least, chose to keep our hearts and hands free of sinning and exploit no one else.  Have high regard for holy restraints.  Your green pastures are within them.   

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