Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Eyes of Your Heart

It is true: we want to be practical.  We want to know what to do with our hands.  We seek occupation and activity, but, we are often deceived of its value.  We do things we know we ought not to do.  Our hands get busy elsewhere.  We become entangled in striving for things that do not last.  It is just the way of this world and we row with it.  Worries, fears, pressures, ideas, desires - they dominate the busyness of our hands.
It appears that our hands and their pawing about for treasure is the prime enemy.  If only they would be still!  Ah, but this is not true.  Our hands are not the problem.  It is our eyes.  Yet, I speak not first of the two bobbles positioned on either side of your nose.  I speak of the eyes of your heart.  
This phrase, “the eyes of your heart”, receives a good deal of scriptural consideration.  So also does the concept of spiritual ears.  As a matter of fact, your spiritual senses seem to precede your physical ones in scriptural reality.  In reality, your personality is infused with divine senses.  Your perception begins within.  What your physical eyes see, your spiritual eyes interpret.  I am not suggesting a brand new teaching; I am speaking of what you know.  The scriptural authors spoke of the inner man in concrete sensual terms.  Your heart, your inner being, sees, hears, smells, touches; in other words, it perceives and interprets.  
Matthew connects your pursuit of treasures with the sight of your eyes.  He positions these teachings of Christ next to each other in chapter 6, verses 19-23.  The way that your personality sees will determine the value of both worldly and eternal treasure.  If your eyes are bright and filled with reality, you will see the eternal things of value and you will labor in eternal work.  You will see where to go and what to do, what to say and how to say it.  You will perceive true value, because, your spiritual eye, as Jesus said, “is healthy”.  However, if your eyesight is darkened, if you cannot see Eternity and eternal value, you will not know where to go and what to do.  You will grope for temporal security.  You will fight and claw for the treasures of earth.  Value is misplaced.
The idea is simple.  Do not disconnect your spiritual eye from your natural one too much - they affect each other.  Truly what your heart perceives your physical nature will respond to.  You will see with spiritual and natural eyes.  You will engage Eternity with your natural hands and Eternity will be pervaded with treasure that lasts!

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