Thursday, October 14, 2010

My Treasure

“Treasure” is a word that brightens our senses.  We delight rightfully in the idea of beautiful sparkly things that may potentially bless our welfare. We see prisms and colors; rubies, diamonds, dazzling gems refracting light in secret vaults and caverns.  Circular gold coins clink and chime against a heap of more circular gold coins.  Fascinating.  Naturally, our eyes have been deeply mesmerized; our hands are dually engaged.  We have discovered treasure!
Where have we found it?  Where has this thing of great value been discovered?  What, truly, is this fascinating heap of value?  The answer to our question will determine the course of our whole lives; for, “where your treasure is, there your heart will be also,” Matthew 6:21.  The eyes of your heart will seek this treasure in every circumstance and decision of life and your hands will rush to engage it….
There are many things that are described in scripture as valuable to God.  Among them we find a host of spiritual words such as righteousness, holiness and faith.  It is tempting to assume that God only values spiritual ideas, however, those spiritual ideas are manifest in material form.  For instance, to be righteous is also to do righteousness.  We can now say that God values the coming together of the spiritual and the material, or natural - the secret to discovering true treasure is in the fusion of the two.  Simply said, our treasure is Real Life itself.  It is Life as God designed and planned it.  We assign value to this God-designed Life and therefore, pursue its restoration and sanctity or undefiled preservation.  With every laborious effort, we elevate Life to its most valuable station.  We get our hands dirty to add to Life’s worth and exaltation.  We live to keep Life pure and undefiled…. .because Life has so much value in our eyes.
In our evaluation, his life and her life are a fascinating human mass of value.  God’s Life in humanity is worth all of our sweat and blood.  We have discovered treasure in our own bodies and personality.  God has granted His spiritual self to fleshly humankind, therefore, we do anything and everything we can to restore and preserve its quality.  As believer’s, our heart and soul desire is to see Life really alive again - resurrected with the Living God.
You will work and fight, labor and sweat for the beautifully sparkly thing you have your heart set on.  You will give your full force and resource to its apprehension.  Will you apprehend Life Today?  Will you lay hold of its wealthy fusion in your own being?  Will you run your fingers through its restoration and preservation in the peoples about you?  Clink, Clink… .will you give yourself to worthy sanctification, will you sanctify others; a return to pure gold?  Where the eyes of your heart perceive treasure, your love and personal resource will sacrifice all.  Your heart will be fully invested in the labor, for, where your treasure is, there your heart will be also….

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