Friday, October 8, 2010


And when I close my eyes…
Health and thriving, rewarded work 
Deep appreciation, looking forever into the heart of compassionate eyes
When in meditation…
Are protective brothers, satisfying sisters 
Unhindered celebration, violent expression of a love that never dies
Within the most average longing…
The deep desires to pour out
And pour out, to plant, water and pour out all the fruitfulness of soul’s seed
Ah, when I look into eternity…
It is not like a mystery
It is like the reality of wholeness and goodness that always should be
When I consider dying…
It feels like an enemy
It intrudes like a liar in the flesh that never should have been
Is this so surprising?
That I expect eternity?
Or is this mere reality that I envision without any mystery
As so God has said that He has put it in the hearts of men?
“…He has put eternity into man’s heart…” Ecclesiastes 3:11.  We are longing for reality.  Don’t settle for less.

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