Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Practical Life

Being ethereal and other-worldy, eternity appears to have no practical application to our everyday lives.  Our imagining faculties may inspire us to flit and float, but, doubtfully to practice.  How is the eternal life a practical life?  
Eternal Life is very practical.  Once conceived, it actively moves and breathes within our members to raise up every part of our being.  Every thought, every word, every decision, every desire, and so much more, is changed.  It is renewed day by day.  It is transformed and reformed.  It is redeemed and restored to the reality of eternal things… .eternal living.
One who is eternal cannot also be temporal.  One who contributes to Life cannot also contribute to Death.  One who seeks heaven’s kingdom cannot seek the kingdoms of this world.  One who loves the sanctity of Eternal Life cannot love the defilements of the Earthly Life.  The New Creation lives in a new reality.  The Spiritual Creature invests in a wise style of living that is not of this world system.  The perspective is altered.  The hope of Eternity is grand indeed.  There is a whole new program to pursue and engage because Life goes on forever.
How is this practical?  Why, it is practical in every shape and form.  If my contribution to this Eternity is unfading, unfailing, undying, I have no worry whatsoever about losses.  I do not need to fight, scratch, preserve, or survive.  I can release my fears and earthly longings.  I can invest my person,  here on earth, without care of cost or lack of reward.  This perspective inspires a practical action that invests in what will never be lost, eternally; those things that bless beyond our time and space.  My investment, my contribution is Eternal, therefore, it will come back to me.  I will inherit a reward.  Nothing is lost.
This is the practicality of Eternity.  It cannot be measured in charts and rules.  I cannot tell you that this or that will gain this or that and this or that will lose this or that.  I can only tell you that your intercession concerning Eternal things will not be lost…. .not in the least.  I can only tell you that He will keep His promise of eternal rewards… .all of them - beyond our imagining faculties.  I can only tell you that this world will be lost and all of your attempts for security in it.  But, I can hopefully tell you that only what’s done for Christ will last.
“Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth… .but, lay up for yourselves treasure in heaven…” Matthew 6:19-20.

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