Friday, January 14, 2011

Inside Her Walls

“Return O virgin Israel, return to these your cities… .For the Lord has created a new thing on the earth: a woman encircles a man,” Jeremiah 31:22.
She felt His hand brushing the moss-covered stone… .it was wet with morning dew.  The irreproachable eyes surveyed the height of Her chiseled towers, their rims gathering the waters of bottomless tears.  He lay His beardless cheek against Her wall.  Undivided drops created rivelets in the testimonial cracks of old age.  He loved Her.  His bruised fingertips studied the form of each weary stone.  He studied with His fingers not His eyes.  “You are mine,” said He.  It had been so long.  She bestowed a smile and watched Him kneel to hold a handful of Her dark, full-bodied soil.  His palms coveted the misused earth like a chaste treasure. “Thank you,”  to the heavens.  He molded the sweet substance into the plot from where it came.  Not one remnant should be wasted.  
He stood.  He shook.  He shouted.  The euphoria was inexpressible… .incontainable.  He exhaled violently, “Seeellllahhhh!  Think on this you heavens and think on this you earth below!”  The atmosphere shifted.  The romance announced.  The burdened histories peered and whispered.  They considered flight into a momentary dance.  Reverberant energy swept through barren streets.  He began to run them.  Peels of thunder.  Flashes of rapture. 
Possessing His fervency in an ear to ear smile He threw Himself down at a familiar pool.   She smiled back at Him.  The waters held their breath to facilitate the moment.  He lay Himself down along the edge of the pool and let His arm fall into it.  He lay there long, listening to Her speak.  The voice of song.  A sweet soprano melody and the hum of violins.  She was beautiful.  He answered Her with memories of all the times He caught Her tears and played with Her children.  “I have missed You,” He said.  The subtle currents chorused.  They rose and ruminated about a sustained love affair.  Yet there was more to this love….
The covenant recalled its generational designs.  Two lovers brightened their gaze to the pilgrimed horizon.  He mounted the stairs of Her highest tower.  From the eastern window He could see the ravages of many flesh and blood wars.  The hills answered His scared body with their embattled brokenness.  A cry of empathy; the sound of relief.  Many enemies had run against these walls and now Her mortal exile was over.  Let the streets brim with honorable life again.  He inhaled the graces and gathered up His authorized might. “I will love You forever!” He bellowed to the ruins of coming justice and mercy.  That’s all it would take for the refugees to find their way home….
Her heart would be His encircled throne inside these rising walls…
Isaiah 62

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