Thursday, January 13, 2011


It got very personal when He saw Her and decided to pursue Her.  
She hadn’t seen Him.  She didn’t know Him.  So He was personal from a safe distance.  
But Her circumstances and condition were His problem from a distance.  So He watched Her and paid attention to any possibility for His intervention.

It got very personal when Anther saw Her and decided to pursue Her.   
He watched invasions of Her privacy and the usurping of Her Person.  And He confronted only the Other with the acts of exploitation.  
He walked around Her.   He didn’t touch Her.  He waited for an invitation.

It got very personal when She saw Him and assumed He was an enemy.  She enlarged the distance and barred the entrance.  She saw Him pointing at Her vulnerability.  
She gathered darkness like a fortress.  He kept His distance.  His arms were quivering.  

It got very personal when She got curious about the Man not moving closer.  
He wasn’t hunting. He wasn’t shouting.  He was just standing there, arms wide open.  
She stepped forward and then backward and then forward yet some more. 
He endured long, so She came closer to the inaudible implore .

It got very personal when She was attainable and She was staring at His hand.  
He wasn’t moving.  He was just quivering.  Sweat was running from His forehead.  
His eyes were praying, like intercession, for Her to marry Him someday.  She didn’t get it.  This Man was different.  This Man was quiet.  
This Man was patiently persistent.

It got very personal when She squinted to view the writing on His palm.  The word “Betrothal” was neatly scripted.  He held it up for so very long.  And then below it, where all could see it, an advertisement of His love.  While life was unfolding, He was out there exposing His glorious designs for One True Love.

On His Hand, Her name had always been written.

“Behold, I have engraved you on the palms of my hands; your walls are continually before me,” Isaiah 49:16.

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