Monday, June 13, 2011

Love is...

1 Corinthians 13:4-8 
“Love does not boast…”  God does not boast.
He is not self-promotional.  He does not need to be.  His works speak of His character.  He does not need to advertise what He thinks we should believe about Him by now.  He simply bears fruit, does work, lays down His life and gives His goodness away to all manners of people.  And then He lets us decide. He is justified in that His deeds are perfect and reveal that His nature is perfect.  We are not forced to a position of belief because He says we have to believe Him, but because our own hearts have witnessed that He is true to His word.  Therefore, we are condemned by our own knowledge of His person if we disbelieve or we are acquitted by our own testimony of His person if we believe.  This reveals to us that it is also our fruits that testify whether or not we are children of God.  It is not by our self-advertisement as His child that the world will recognize us as His, but rather, that our works are evidence of what we say we are.  We do as He does and let others make a decision.  Boasting is excluded.

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