Friday, June 17, 2011

Love is...

1 Corinthians 13:4-8 
“Love does not insist on its own way…”  God does not insist on His own way.
He does not worship Himself.  All of creation must be reconciled to Him, not because He demands that His own way be elevated for personal satisfaction, but because God has created humanity for mutual relationship with Himself.  In the end, God’s own love can sustain His own person.  He does not need to demand our attention or affection or cooperation to get what He needs.  He is one within Himself, however, He has covenantally bound Himself to seek, honor and enjoy reciprocal relationship with His creations.  Although God can sustain His own person and therefore He can sustain all of creation, He seeks humanity to walk in the humility of mutuality that causes us to become equal partners in His purpose.  He does not have to depend upon us to accomplish His purpose but rather He desires all of humanity to participate in His purpose to increase our favor and joy.  God is good and gives humanity an equal share in the establishment of His goodness.  Yes, God even listens to, considers and often implements our strategies and designer ideas to bring about this establishment… .because He has no egotistic need to insist on things being done His own way.  Therefore, we no longer think about how others can serve us and our egotism or designer ideas, rather, we consider how we can serve them best by inviting them to share in the glory of God who will also sustain and gives wings and purpose to their bodies and souls.  We become flexible and mutual beings in the midst of others.  We commit our way to our Creator and enjoy exulting His way and their ideas!  In this God is worshipped among us.  It is our joy to worship!  And in this we experience the mutual expression of His goodness in the earth through which we become equal partners in His glory!

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