Saturday, June 18, 2011

Love is...

1 Corinthians 13:4-8 
“Love is not irritable…”  God is not irritable.
He is not easily annoyed by or overly sensitive to the attitudes of the peoples of the earth.  God does not react because of our disposition.  He acts only according to His own person and character.  He is not fickle in His dealing with us.  He personally makes us conscious of His requirements and the favorable consequences of faith and righteousness or the adverse consequences of sin and disobedience.  He binds His actions to His own requirements and administers justice based upon our faith or lack of faith in Christ.  It is declared and preached.  He teaches us as much as we can handle.  He never reacts but acts according to what we know.  This moves upon our hearts to act rather than react as much as we are ably conscious.  It causes us to remain steadfast in the midst of human opinions and circumstances.  It causes us to exercise consideration and rely upon the word of God.  His word is not fickle.  It does not change.  When we believe it, we are not fickle, overly sensitive or easily annoyed by others.  We are genuine, honest and sure.  Our convictions and attitudes are constant.  We respond to the unchangeable God.

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