Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Love is...

1 Corinthians 13:4-8 
“Love does not rejoice at wrong-doing…”  God does not rejoice at wrong-doing.
He hates wrongdoing!  Those who rejoice in wrong-doing are expecting the arrival of personal benefit from the tresspass.  Wrong-doing will always eventually lead to death and this causes us to intercede at personal cost even though we could benefit personally from wrong-doing instead.  It becomes desirable to us that all of the immature and rebellious repent from their wrongdoing rather than falling under judgment.  Our intercession causes us to suffer circumstantially in this world.  We refuse to manipulate to gain… .to sin to get the advantage. We will not compromise our testimony by allowing the wrongdoing of others to benefit us.  We commit ourselves to God and intercede for them.  Love compels us to resist personal benefit from earthen exploitations and take no pleasure in their results.  We purpose to suffer with Christ who did righteousness, even when the results would not seem favorable, and trust God with the results.  We purpose to grieve for sinners and lament the wrong-doing they sow.  God grieves wrong-doing and its various exploitations.  God grieves the sinner who has chosen to go a crooked way.  Where there is love, personal benefits are set aside for the sake of intercession.  One loves when one looks not to his or her own needs or wants but lays his or her expectations down for the need, and sometimes the want, of another…. .in this one cannot do wrong but only rejoice in the benefit of the other.

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