Monday, June 20, 2011

Love is...

1 Corinthians 13:4-8 
“Love is not resentful…”  God is not resentful.
He is not bothered by forgiveness and mercy.  It does not annoy Him to set a prisoner free from his or her justifiable imprisonment.  Although it is unfair in the light of humanity to forgive the wrongdoer, God enjoys being merciful to the repentant.  He does not take it as a personal offense against His holiness.  Although He was punished for our sins, He does not resist releasing us from our punishment.  It was unfair that Christ was punished yet He delighted in satisfying justice for our sake.  This causes us to receive forgiveness.  If God who has the right to hold us accountable for our sin chooses not to, why should we hold ourselves guilty? And if we receive forgiveness we also give it.  If God who has the right to hold us accountable for our sin chooses not to how can we hold others accountable to us?  God has been wronged and shown mercy to the wrongdoer. So we can be wronged and show mercy.  In all things, we can fully trust God’s acknowledgment of our life and His willingness to show mercy and do justice for us.  We cannot resent any outcome; favorable or unfavorable, deserved or undeserved, temporary or eternal towards the righteous or the wicked.  Our faith rests complete in the mercy of a just God.. .He will be both merciful and just in ways far beyond our comprehension.  Resentment only exists when we feel that God has not been fair towards us through the persons and circumstances we have known.  But who knows of His fairness?  Who truly desires God to be fair?  I do not believe that we truly want fairness.  No, we need mercy.  God, though He could demand fairness from us, does not.  Neither should we seek it in this life from any source.  We are to beseech His mercy and trust His justice for all of mankind.  We are to love mercy and do justice in response to a God who does not resent unfairness.

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