Thursday, June 16, 2011

Love is...

1 Corinthians 13:4-8 
“Love is not rude…”  God is not rude.
He is not impolite, inconsiderate, or unexpected.  He always takes into account our humanity and limitations.  He offers us relationship and never forces Himself upon us.  He always announces His coming to those who are listening.  We are not thrashed and tossed about by a God who enjoys our suffering and confusion.  He considers our weakness and incapacity to receive His whole uncompromising being.  He comes and invites us little by little, day by day to enjoy Him, thus rebuilding the trust that humanity first had in its God.  This causes us to be considerate of our own weakness.  We remain under His discipleship, thereby allowing Him to teach us as much or as little about Himself as we are able to handle at that time.  We become sober, knowing our limitations and therefore gratefully staying within the boundaries God sets.  We also become aware of the weaknesses of those around us.  They are just like us and therefore we do not impose too much knowledge of God where it cannot be understood or withhold what should be freely given.  We also encourage as many safety precautions as are needed so that the souls of others will not be unnecessarily tempted… even when that means limiting our own freedoms.  Rudeness is a product of pride.  We are never to dispense or withhold the knowledge of God nor lift His limitations or impose limitations according to our own evaluation.  But we are always to allow Him to be the Father to His children through us.  He knows them best.

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