Saturday, March 13, 2010

God Chose the Human

We cut flowers and place them in vases in the center of our rooms.  Why?  Because we want to look at them.  Humanity determines the quality of flowers.  It is our choice to admire them and elevate them to decorative delights.  We choose it therefore it is so.  In the same likeness, God chose the human to be of elevated quality and delight, therefore it is so.  Again, I declare, that it is not based on anything I have or can do.  God has chosen it and therefore it is.  Lay your humanity down here in the green pasture of His good evaluation.  You do not have to produce your quality.  You are quality because He said so.  The command of God has always been to “Be human and multiply your humanity.”  With Divinity as governor of the human heart, our humanity would retain its highest level of quality.  We would retain our freedom and abundant Life.  “Therefore choose life, that you. ….may live,” Deuteronomy 30:19.

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  1. Hi Kimberly!

    I love your blog and your poetic voice.

    How incredible, that God should attribute worth to us! This is one matter that I think the Church has largely failed to understand. We have accepted the idea that we must "earn" His love and delight; that our worth is dependent upon what we do, who we are, what gifts we possess, how reliable we are. The tragedy is that if our value is based upon our own virtue, then it can be lost.

    If, however, we are valuable because of who God is, and because He has chosen to rejoice in us, then we are securely His delight--without fail, without remorse, without shame.

    Pax Domini!


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