Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hung On a Word

"And God said. ...and there was," Genesis 1:3.  It was because God said so.  It's the simple gospel.  Nothing exists of its own striving or power.  It all exists because God said so.  If you really think about it. ...think for a while. will realize that this also means that we humans have nothing to boast in!  Neither do we have anything to be depressed about!  The word of God made various statements about what should exist in creation, and therefore it does.  What exists, the indigenous forms and functions of created things, exist because God said it should.  You exist because God said you should.  
Consider your regenerated Spirit.  If you have chosen to receive the Spirit of God, you are a new creation.  And this is because God said so.  There is no boasting.  Nothing will elevate your condition.  There is no humiliation.  Nothing can debase your condition.  God has made a statement about your condition and so it is.  You are clean because He said so.  You are holy because He said so.  You are free because He said so.  You are a healer because He said so.  You are a giver because He said so.  And the list goes on.
You will be resurrected because He said so.  It's really all that you have to go on: His word.  Did you ever pause to notice that it's all Christ had as well.  He entered our human world, risking His life and holding on to a promise.  The Father had promised to resurrect Christ should He lose His life as He inevitably would.  If at all possible, imagine yourself in that moment, where Christ is hanging on the cross, dying, breathing His last.  And all by faith that, when His last breath was relieved, His Father would do His part.  His Father would resurrect Him just as He promised.  His life hung on the word of the Father.  This is faith.  I live by this faith.  I live because He said so.

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