Tuesday, March 30, 2010


There is no flaw in you," Song of Songs 4:7.  From the gold-leaf spirals of Eastern mosques and temples to the linear furrows of Western waves of grain; from the icy protrusions of Northern glacier walls to the sun-kissed sands of the bathing South. ....what we need is Mercy.  Mercy dips her heart in aloes and soothes the irritated soul.  She wraps her arms around the tensions and implores with steady whispers.  All covered in dirt, all rolled in disaster, all troubled by opinions and misunderstanding. ...and yet she is a Mother, a Sister and a Lover to the Human.  "....love covers all offenses," Proverbs 10:12.
We are Human.  Such a strong thing and yet such a weak thing too.  We have so many abilities and accomplishments to take well-earned pride in and yet so many deficiencies and failures to bring us shame.  Not one of us can exist without experiencing  a heartbreak.  Not one of us can pass through without suffering loss.  Not one of us will have a journey without some measure of frustration, catastrophe or enduring pain.  We will fall short.  We will mess up.  We will sin against a neighbor.  We will.  In every corner of the planet, the Human heart cries out for Mercy.  Within us, there is a deep need for the Divine to say at regular intervals, "I love you", "I desire you", "I need you". ... "I find no flaw in you".   Most of our Human existence would be settled in perfect peace if we could consistently entertain these precious thoughts.  "You love me", "You desire me", "You need me". ..."You find no flaws in me."
The consensus of the ages is often to fix what we find flawed.  But as the Scriptures have shown us, the Human design is without flaw.  It is created in the image of God.  Our highest duty is to know "the image" by knowing the Creator rather than fixing the Human counterpart.  From the East to West, North to South - since we do not know all that can be known of that pure and beautiful "Image" - what we need to give to its reproduction, is Mercy.  "For I desire mercy and. ...the knowledge of God," Hosea 6:6.  
A deified young man approaches a darkened wisp of Shullam with a gift, "There is no flaw in you," Song of Songs 4:7.  The pressures of environment, the pain of disappointment, the oppression and slavery, the sadness, the opinions, the failures, sins and the cursed labor of Earth had left her skin discolored and her personality confused.  But it did not in any way transform her quality.  She was the "image of God" in the flesh.  And this is what the Prince of Peace saw when they encountered.  
Mercy.  A gift to be received and a gift to give.  The Human race has never been in greater need of it.

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  1. What an amazing gift! Mercy truly was the greatest gift that Christ could have given us. When we look at other people we tend to see their filth first then if we look hard enough we may see them. But when Christ looks at us he first sees us then our filth. How Awesome, what a testimony of Mercy. If only we would allow him to open our eyes to see! Keep writing Kim, the gospel really is much simpler than we have made it.


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