Saturday, March 6, 2010

What Qualifies a Human?

I have often hesitated in offering myself. "For what?" you ask. Well "For anything," I answer. The logical question is "What qualifies me?" As humans, we are only a measure in and of ourselves. I have some capability here and some knowledge there and some experience in yet another area. But what qualifies me to offer myself? As humans we are a little unlimited in some things and a little limited in others. Added up, we are never ALL that is needed. For myself, I am usually more aware of my lack of qualifiers than my storehouse. If we look to ourselves to discover why we could be considered an authority on anything, we come up short. I will always meet someone who can go farther than I, do better than I and reach longer than I.
The question of our quality goes way back. ...way, way, way back. You and I were only a twinkle in Divinities eye. It goes back to the formation of the human. The sixth day when God bent His heart low and caressed the surface of the dust with His countenance. Enter the moment. Enter the story. Enter the romance of Divinity and Dust. It was nothing so tedious as designing a mechanical devise. Nor so artificial as detached incubation. God pressed His form and function into the dust of the Earth. You were conceived in that moment, of love.  "...then the Lord God formed the man of dust from the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living creature," Genesis 2:7.  Not detached or mechanical. God got close!
The closeness of Divinity, the mingling of His personality with the dust of Earth was such a phenomena that it continues to conceive and reproduce the array of human physics and personalities that we see on display in this present world. The bursts of creativity, energy and delight that riddled the atmosphere when the Ad'am was generated break out by rule of their ordination, despite the limits we impose and whether or not they are wanted. Life begets life begets life begets life. And God did it just by loving the dust. Really consider in this one precious moment of your breath that God deeply desired the human frame and heart. Your existence in this very second upon Earth was Divinely anticipated.
Your quality as a human cannot be added to or taken away from. The presumptions of many thoughts and voices would have us think so. But in the end, it is the fact that I have EYES that qualifies me to see. And that I have EARS that qualifies me to hear. And that I have a NOSE that qualifies me to smell. And that I have a TONGUE that qualifies me to taste. And that I have TOUCH that qualifies me to feel. It is the fact that I have a human heart that qualifies me to think and perceive and reason and experience empathy. In short, it is the quality of my design that qualifies me to be as I am. Any adjustments that I make to alter, elevate or debase it do not take away from it's original evaluation: "It was very good," Genesis 1:31.
The very simple point that I am trying to make is that my quality is completely dependent upon His Divinity. Our quality is such. We stand on an even plane. We have all been created of equal quality by God. If we have received the regeneration of God's Spirit, we also have the quality of a new heart. Because He said so. Because He got close. Because He is close. There is nothing else to qualify myself on. My full measure is a result of His good evaluation. I cannot pride myself on any elevating achievements or opinions. However much I may want to. Neither can I shame myself on any debasement of condition or criticism. My quality depends on none of these. My quality is in the formation of my human creation. I am because He is. And as I am, a quality human, nothing more and nothing less, I offer myself.

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  1. I like some of the imagery you created here, how God came close and breathed into man the breath of life. And what qualifies us to see, feel, think, hear, smell, taste, etc. is simply because God created us with the ability to do so. Very good. Life was a much greater purpose when I think of God coming close and becoming an intimate part of our existence.


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