Monday, June 28, 2010


The design and function of the human hasn’t changed.  We are not of any greater or lesser quality than we were in Genesis 1.  But, as a race of humans,  our government has changed.  We no longer live by His Word….

Just look around.  You will see the blue print of Divinity in every created thing.  The human being and created order have been empowered with the presence of His Word.  He is in the midst of us even if we don’t recognize His authority.  Look around again.  You will also see that this present world has fallen.  This world runs from the Word needed to sustain it.  This world does not agree with Divinity’s ideas about how one should live.  The command of God goes out and we avoid it.  We make our own way on the earth.  We are the commanders of our own existence.  

Fallen.  What does that mean?  It suggests that we began existence from a higher place and then fell down.  “…fill the earth and subdue it…” Genesis 1:26.  Once upon a time, we were the viceroys, God’s image-bearers, ruling over creation.  But we lost our position.  We chose to rule our individual lives by our own command.  We left our position in the the Government of God to rule by our own powers.  We chose to live in a false freedom.  We supposed that we would now be free to govern this world by picking fruit from any tree.  We could eat and digest any idea that seemed best to us at the time for filling and subduing the earth.

But, here we are, fallen.  We exist and operate in a lesser form and function than our original design.  The Life of God has always been a better source of sustenance.  The Word of God has always proclaimed the most beneficial ideas for humanity’s welfare.  We are a fallen form in fallen function because we have eaten deficient ideas. 

It is impossible to walk through this life without being influenced.  The influence of God brings us the experience of exalted Life.  But the influence of the Evil One and fallen humanity is a lesson in Death.  All who do not receive the Life-giving Government of God, are dying.  They are fading of form and failing of function.  The whole world is fading and failing.  “…the whole world lies in the power of the evil one,” 1 John 5:19.  The Evil One has convinced humanity to submit to his influence.  To eat many deficient fruits.  To govern by deficient ideas.

Those who submit to God’s influence experience His Eternal Life.  The Government of God brings Life.  Those who are sustained by His abiding Word are not fading or failing… .they are being raised up!  “…our inner nature is being renewed day by day,” 2 Corinthians 4:16.



  1. Dear Kim: What a gret blog! So true! So true! I could not help but think of that song (I do not know who is the artist) titled I FALL DOWN HE PICKS ME UP. We do see evidence of the fallen world we live in every day, but thank goodness we serve a God who has never fallen, and took it all for us on His shoulders.


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