Sunday, June 6, 2010

The God Who Opposes Me

“God opposes the proud…” James 4:6. Have you ever been opposed by God while you were enjoying your pride? I’ll just assume that you probably have. It is a universal thwarting. God is always opposing our pride. This is such good news for us… .for the whole world! After a great blunder of pride recorded in 2 Samuel 24, David realizes that he must bear consequences for his sin, and he states this, “I am in great distress. Let us fall into the hand of the Lord, for his mercy is great; but let me not fall into the hand of men.” The difference? God judges us for our refinement, our good, to produce our truest self. But the heart of man, fueled by accusing judgments, would eagerly judge us for condemnation. God, however, desires our success. He is concerned with our welfare and fighting for our eternal enjoyment. Therefore, He opposes our hearts when our hearts oppose the production of our truest self.

God allows the things of life to bump and rub and even slam up against us. He makes way for the Adversary to knock us around. Sound too harsh? Have you ever had a friend so lost in their own little world, so destructive to their own success, that you just wanted to jostle them around a bit and bring them to their senses? Ah! Now it’s clear! The need to be brought to our senses. The need to see correctly. The need to discover the most accurate perspective. And the love God has to thwart and oppose us so that we become conscious again of a good reality and find again our truest self.

“…but gives grace to the humble,” James 4:6. The humility of knowing and being known as we truly are. God opposes us until we adopt a right frame of mind. Until we see Him as He is and ourselves as we truly are. Until we accept the necessity of grace because our truest self is in need of it.

Let me fall into the hands of God… .because He is merciful. He deeply desires my success. He wants all things to work together for good on my behalf. He is my Friend who prefers to heal and cover. And He opposes me until I will return to the graces of healing and covering again. God judges me for my restoration, my highest good. He repositions my heart in the arena of humility so that I may have a secure stance in His favor… .far away from accusations. God opposes me when I do not stay here.

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