Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Good Government

The human race was created dependant upon God.  However, God also gave them independence…..

  My greatest discoveries about the Divinity, myself and the whole universe have often come through being a parent.  I think the single thing that breaks a parents heart, is not that their children become independent, but that their children choose to no longer depend on them.  I will explain that!  I don’t want my children to depend on me to take care of the things that should be their own responsibility.  They need to independently be responsible.  But I do want them to continue to depend on me as a person.  I am their mother, which should imply that I have wisdom and nurture they do not have.  I hope that they will always need me for this.  However, I don’t want to solve their problems, be their boss, or clean up all their messes.   Many children continue to want their parents to be involved in their lives in this way only.  They love to have parents that fix their world for them.  They are dependent upon their parents to fulfill their own responsibilities.  However, they don’t receive their parents.  They never perceive their parents as people who have something worthwhile to give.  

Don’t we do the same with God?  We want a Deity to fix our lives but we don’t want to depend on His wisdom and nurture.  We reject God for who He is.  Our dependent condition as humans states that we don’t have it all in ourselves to be ourselves.  We need others and most specifically we need God.  As we depend on God for the Life we need, He in sequence enables us to independently make wise choices and take responsibility.  We grow up and mature.  

It’s fascinating!  Simply by receiving His sustenance, we are made fully capable of making good choices. …and we are given the freedom to do so!  This is good government. A Divine God who empowers His image bearers to think and act as He does by their own desire and choice!

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