Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Judgment Onto Condemnation

Your Creator, Your Friend, is working in all things, through all things, and even despite all things… .for your good. Not so with your Enemy! The agenda of the Adversary is quite on the contrary. He could care less about your good. He could just simply care less about you. He is more largely preoccupied with ripping the heart out of the Creator, the Friend of Man.

Yes, your Adversary is not really your Adversary at all. He has a bigger fish in mind. You and I are merely the perfect possible way of tearing at the heart of God. The heart of God suffers when He loses our affections. Just like a father or mother losing the love of sons and daughters. The heart of God suffers.

There is nothing like the loss of a child. Whether physical or relational. When they leave us behind to pursue other passions or when they pass from this side of Eternity, we suffer long and hard. It’s unnatural to say the least. And it leaves an unnatural rift in our soul. Now think larger. Think about the heart of the One who intimately worked wonders in every created expression of You. Think of the One who invested His qualities and eternity in every breadth of your Being. You are not just anyone to Creator God. You are an image bearer, a divine opportunity for gratifying eternal romance. You make God lovesick….

…And then one day You are ripped away from His embrace. You take a back road out of His heart.. .by choice.

“Then he showed me Joshua the high priest… .and Satan (the accuser) at his right hand to accuse him,” Zechariah 3:1. The mission of your Adversary is to separate hearts through accusation. To bring before you a good reason to abandon your Creator and to bring before your Creator a good reason to abandon you. To rift and tear. He uses arguments and suggestion, deception and assumption. He uses all at his disposal to skillfully make enemies of friends.

Don’t think that God will be easily baited? No, neither do I. This leaves us humans in a rather vulnerable position. We can be baited. We are baited. We do make choices to abandon our affections for God. We can and do become His enemies.

The judgment of our Adversary has one purpose: to separate us from our Greatest Ally. He accuses any possible party to make an enemy of a once good Friend. His work is to convince someone, somewhere to condemn someone else. And his goal never changes… .a judgement onto condemnation, an Eternal separation from our Creator. There is no better way to rift and tear the heart of the God he hates.

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