Saturday, June 5, 2010

A Good Companion

“Faithful are the wounds of a friend; profuse are the kisses of an enemy,” Proverbs 27:6. An enemy curses and announces your shame to the world. Your friend exposes sins and than surrounds you to cover your shame. An enemy abuses and than separates himself swiftly from your weak and needy condition. Your friend admonishes and than swiftly anoints and dresses any wounds. The difference between a friend and an enemy may not be detectable in how they make you feel with their blows, but it is extravagantly obvious in their willingness to be identified with your condition at all times. Have they remained to heal the wound, cover the shame, restore the condition? If they have, they are a friend. Have they identified themselves with your losses, your failures and your pain? If they have, they are a friend. Have they offered to be your alibi… .to cover your back when you are most vulnerable and exposed… .to stand as a witness in your favor because they personally know you and are living this life with you? If so, they are a friend.

A friend loves you even when they must oppose you. Never assume that your opposition is an enemy. Kisses can come from enemies! But a friend will oppose you so that he or she might bring you to your senses and reveal the truest you. A friend sincerely loves you! A friend will wound you to find you again. God is a Friend. He is the sincerest Friend of your heart. And He will oppose you so that He may restore you. Faithful are His wounds. They are full of faith in your truest you. He will fight fairly with your pride, your anger, your indifference, your distrust and so on… .and He may even wound you… .deeply. But He will remain with you, and cover, anoint, dress, heal and restore, all the time. The resistance and the kisses of an Adversary are meant to harm you and leave you. But the resistance and the kisses of God are meant to transform you for your highest good.

My God is a good companion. He does not leave me as I am. He opposes me, in love, at all times and I am better for it. He is a Faithful Friend.

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  1. Thank you Jesus that you don't allow us to be out of control and let us have our way, but as our Father, you love us to the point of discipline that leads to correction and Your straight path of blessing.

    The pain of disciple hurts but a moment, but the correction leads us to our maturity and to be closely connected to Your presence.


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