Monday, June 28, 2010

Power to Choose

When dealing with humanity in its present fallen condition, many of us are prone to be more concerned with design and function than anything.  If we could just fix the human, we wouldn’t have these problems anymore.  No, not so.  All of our attempts to fix have not caused us to become righteous and eternal.  The human does not require fixing.  We are still a quality creation.  Divinity formed the Dust flawless and functional.  We find ourselves in our present condition as a result of deficient government, not deficient quality.  We will become righteous and eternal as a result of submitting to a Righteous and Eternal Government.  A change in sustanence.  A change in authority.  The human will be restored to its flawless and functional quality through a Word that reorders the chaos, a Government that releases Life to its members.  

  God designed us fully capable of experiencing the fullness of quality Life simply by receiving and believing His Word.  His abiding verbal directives and good evaluations are powerful to align our way and bless our personality…. .if we agree.  His Word is powerful still, even without our agreement.  But our agreement brings the personal experience.  We have been given the responsibility to choose.  Even more than that, we have been given this right and dignity.  We may choose our government.  We may choose to agree with His Word and experience its rules and benefits.  And this is a testimony to the quality and dignity of the human design.  The Creator acknowledges our independence.  We may stay or we may go.  We may receive or we may refuse.  

If design and function were in question, God is to blame for our present condition.  But, if government is the question, than we are to blame.   For we have been endued with the power to choose.  We have been acknowledged as independent in our responsibility.  We are created dependent on His sustenance, but independent in our choice of government.  

All of creation holds its breath.  All wait.  Everyone anticipates our personal choice of government.  For all of creation bears the consequence of our governmental choice.  

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