Monday, July 5, 2010

Eden... .Again

We walk here on Holy Ground.  We tread waters that are deep and mysterious.  We enter the arena of the first Human love affair.  We enter an atmosphere.  A safe place.  A safe relationship.  God and Humanity.  Man and Woman.  Natural boundaries allow all things to grow safely here.  The environment is heavy with nurture.  All things are common and yet not all things are the same.
It is here that God raised up the Ad’am from the dust and breathed His own essence into it.  It is here that God watched the Ad’am walk about the safe environment and name all of the creatures therein.  This was a good place.  It is here that God loved the Ad’am as He loved Himself.  It is here that God blessed Humanity with all that was within Himself.  The One God expressed Himself in a multitude of colors, sounds, sights and sensations.  His red caught fire the sunset.  His blue blanketed the limitations of the sky.  His yellow enchanted the pores of intersecting branches, bathing the soil with nutrients.  His green collected favor under creaturely noses.  His Majesty captured the panorama.  His whistle commanded the prairies and gathered their offspring.   His roar satisfied the galactic spaces.  The deep darkness and constellations had their answer:  God was in Eden and God was round about it as well.  The One God had expressed Himself.  And He was in love with that expression.  He surrounded it.  He lived in it.  He walked and talked and governed it with a pure heart.
Eden was a safe place.
Eden was also good economy.  Divinity had endued creation, including the Man and Woman, with the ability to reproduce their kind.  All that was needed for the fullness of Life was freely given to creation.  We can all testify to this.  Powerful and complicated civilizations have been built from merely the basics of created things.  All the Humans had to do was tend it. ….watch over it, pay attention, adjust as needed and enjoy it.  
Eden was an arena of challenge and creativity.  God did not disrespect the Humans by offering them a life of boredom.  He gave them the tools and the freedom and respected their abilities by giving them a command, “be fruitful and multiply”Don’t sit around, basking in sunlight all day, eating too much fruit and becoming lazy!  Expand, subdue the wildness, move out, create, reproduce, and show this good Earth that you are its viceroy!   This Life that Divinity offered was a Life of constant growth and mountain moving.  And God, in His goodness, made the Human capable and made Eden a Garden of challenges and possibilities, both beautiful and strong.

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