Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Free Human

Adam and Eve were invited to eat.  “You may surely eat of every tree of the garden….” Genesis 2:16.  There was only one tree they could not eat of; but of every other tree, they could freely eat.  This was more than an opportunity to enjoy sweet juices tickling the taste buds.  They were given, everyday, the opportunity to choose.  They were not forced to dwell with God and receive His influence.  They were not forced to participate in His Government.  They could choose another.  They could choose themselves.
The Creator was the only proper Governor for the creation.  His heart was tightly tied to it’s survival.  His Word sustained it and renewed it’s life.  The existence of Adam and Eve was dependent upon the reverberations of His Living Word.  They needed His Government for eternal form and exalted function.  Very simply, without God’s ruling Word within the personality of humanity, humanity would die.  The Creator’s Government was a necessity.
But God honored the human’s independence.  Divinity respected the nature of the man and woman He had created.  He acknowledged their freedom to choose.  He had not made them lowly and subordinate.  He had endued them with His own image and like adults, they could make responsible choices.  God was and always has been respectful of the quality vessels He has made of us.  We have faculties exalted of design.  Although heart broken due to our choices, Divinity never oversteps His boundary.  It is our right to choose.  We may eat of any tree.  He can’t stop us from choosing Death but He will give us every opportunity to choose Life.
So now I ask you, what is the great temptation to break free of this Government that requires of the human Divine dependency and also gives him or her personal independence?  What are we running from?  Why such a hurry to get away from a Deity that dignifies us so?  We will get no such sustenance and no such honor anywhere else….
Could it simply be that we are deceived about His intentions?  That we are convinced to believe a Liar promising freedom?  A freedom that we already essentially possess by nature of our human quality?  Could it be that we have been talked into pursuing reliable sustenance despite the fact that sustenance was breathed into our nature?  Have we really just been told not to believe His Word!?  His good evaluation?  His government that gives to us Life and freedom?  I assure you that there are a lot of ideas floating upon the airwaves about whom you should depend on and how independent you should be.  God is the One who will cause you to grow up in the right way with a healthy balance of dependency and independence.  But there are a lot of suggestions about other sources.  You are a big possibility.  A bundle of potential. …for just about anything.  


  1. Kimmy,

    I like your new design, it's nice. Remember the song, "I am a promise, I am a possibility, I am a promise, with a capital 'P'. I am a great big bundle of potentiality!..." Okay, your blog made me think of that.


  2. Too funny! I totally remember. Used to love that song. Ya know, a kid's song it may be, but it was very hope instilling. Something in that song went deep for me.


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