Sunday, July 25, 2010

Uncommon Cocoon

A ray of hope danced unnoticed upon the dry grey fortress

The gaps were filled and closed tightly
Golden features of curled wings cramped against the inner walls
Lidded eyes and the world was gone temporarily
Adam where are you?
Wild birds aggressed the morning with inspiration of song
The closet withheld its vanities
A mortal pulled tight his consciousness too soon
And lassoed the climax of bravery
Adam where are you?
Small samples of shell, frail, floated to the ground
The prisoner embraced his partitions
Hands, wings, all limbs into splendid shields of muscle and color
Surrounding a soul on a mission
Adam where are you?
Full grown, of age, an ancient masterpiece of flittering grace
Cowering in an uncommonly old cocoon
The winter scolds him for his sins while he avoids a true confession
Fateful hours in a darkly hidden room
Adam where are you?
The comas of seasonal lose, the magic spells of shifting the blame
The convenience of numbing sensitivity
The world out there and he in here where wonder and responsibility languish
And cold hearts conquer productivity
Adam where are you?

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