Friday, July 9, 2010


Life.  Something about the word, when speaking religiously that is, seems to conjure up ideas of transcendence and other worldly experience.  Mystical, right?  Something outside of our sensible existence.  We want to live forever in this state of, well, unconsciousness I think.  This grand condition of ignorance to anything bad or ugly.  An eternal happy heaven where angels sing in glorious pitch and harmony and fireflies dance on wisps of serenity.  Ahhhh, Yes, sounds blissful.  
Perhaps that is a definition of life.  Perhaps we are meant to be unconscious of the bad and ugly and eternally happy.  But perhaps those elements are to be enjoyed within the awakened consciousness to flesh and blood and its Divine Creator.  Life, I tell you, is natural and sometimes raw.  More so than we may want.  Caring for life involves training, development, daily responsibilities, feeding, clothing, listening, watching, attentiveness, etc…  To return to consciousness is to participate with life’s realities.  I don’t necessarily speak of the realities that have come upon us due to the entrance of sin and the fallenness of creation.  We are still in the Garden.  We are addressing Life in its original form and function.  A state of being in which we were fully conscious.  In the Garden, life required all of these natural forms and functions, and it still does….
The presence of the Holy Spirit in the believer is a return to consciousness.  We are given the ability to see, hear, touch, taste, understand, and respond just as the Creator would when encountering creation.  The Holy Spirit returns us to the Tree of Life.  We get to eat, internalize and experience consciousness.  It’s easy.  It’s enjoyable.  It’s eternally practical.  And it enables you and I to be as He is in creation.  Our eyes, ears, hands, mouth, our whole heart and being, are empowered with Divine perspective and we begin to move about within the rawness of everyday experience and be as He is.  We do what He does.  We are fully aware of the life He created.  And we are aware of it according to His Heart and Being.
The bad and the ugly really have no place here.  And we are feasting on pleasures and joys - eternally happy.  But it’s not a mystified existence.  Our consciousness of God makes a very personal and practical vessel of us.  More so than the word “practical” is meant to mean.  How so?  We are offering reality to the human race.  Practically, they need Divine perspective.  They need a new Government thriving on the inside.  A Government that renews them day by day into a people who respond practically towards creation.  Things like, giving generously of their time and wealth, things like, thanking God daily for the human lives they share company with, things like, taking pleasure in caring for the needs of others.  Raw duties.  And beautifully conscious ones as well.  Wouldn’t you say that this is a return to conscience?  Loving real life as God does?

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