Sunday, July 4, 2010


Eden is not just a fairy tale.  Nor is it a mythical explanation of mankind's current condition.  It is not religious folklore.  It is not a doctrine.  It is not merely an environment that was witness to "the Fall".  It is a place.  A real place.  Where God and Man and Woman shared genuine company.  Let's go there.....
The footsteps of Divinity passed lightly over the soft soil.  Freshly misted blades of grass fainted and bowed under His generous caress.    He paused to enjoy a star fruit and gather a whiff of narcissus.   This was His favorite time of the day.  An hour or two or three of conversation with the humans of Eden.  Sometimes they would carry on long into the starry night.  It was good communion.  And He was always fascinated by the variety of productions and enjoyments the humans would conceive of in one day.  He listened eagerly to their daily stories and gloried in their achievements.  They were incredibly capable.  Divinities heart pressed in closer with every day and conversation.  He watched for signs of deeper fellowship and opportunities for trust.  He paid attention to the development of their hearts.  For surely He intended to entrust them with so much more.  He wanted them to participate in all of His work and wisdom.  
Divinity approached Ad’ams Pool.  He could see The Man waving enthusiastically from the other side.  The Woman sat among the palms basking in a stream of setting sunlight.  He was happy to see them and as always, relieved to know they had again today chosen Life.  They would stay in His Garden reliant upon His Wisdom.  They wouldn’t take their Earthen inheritance and try to go at this alone.  Good.   God loved humanity and did not want to be parted from them.  

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  1. I love all of your writings. They are beautiful, Kim, and bring it into an 'earthly' prospective. Bringing out Father closer to our hearts, minds, and souls. And being able to enjoy Him up close and personal. Thanks for all your hard work on this. You are one blessed one! Very talented! Thank you for sharing your heart. Lots of Love!


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