Monday, July 19, 2010


From that very first moment in Eden, when a deceitful usurper took note of Eve’s oblivion to the sickly sweet taste of sin and unrelenting hand of death, our world became free range for an enemy's thoughts and our afterthoughts.  Eve stood in front of that fatal decision with nothing to cover her but her skin and an incredible sense of Divine security.  All of her first experiences were with God.  Creator God met her in Ad’am and called her out from him.  Every hidden, curved, reproductive and beautifully sensual portion of the earthen human was removed and presented to the outer elements.  The one became two so that the two could be one.  She was made for love.  Two lovers in paradise.  Her nakedness was equivalent to her experience.  She would not be mishandled or misused but would receive appropriate, pure, Divinely ordained affections and attentions.  This was her full knowledge and experience.  
You see, God’s government was perfect for Eve.  His government ensured that Her quality would not become a little too high or a little too low.  She would be a quality Human loved by a Divine Deity.  They would be close and personal.  Her environment would bring Her enjoyment and protection.  No one’s perception would take advantage of Her because all perceptions were subject to the Divine Heart.  The Divine perspective caused Her to be naked and unashamed.  She was not bound by the restrictions that come with a million objective perspectives.  She did not need to hide Herself from the unwanted eyes of self-governed hearts.  She was covered by the Divine Heart and lived within His government.  Transcendent.  Free.
The slithering apparatus that took center stage that day was very familiar with the transcendent life Adam and Eve lived.  His suggestions would not be flippant they would be pointed.  “Did God actually say, ‘You shall not eat of any tree in the garden?’” Genesis 3:2.  His jaw froze in a position near to his chest giving the appearance of a double chin and leaving his lower lip slightly protruding downward.  His head was cocked forward to one side and his eyes fixated on hers, brow tightly squeezed, carefully expressing an annoyed disbelief in her ridiculous interpretation of obviously incorrect facts.  Eve retorted mechanically while feeling for the first time that her knowledge of God and environment might be woefully lacking.  A strange feeling of inadequacy began to penetrate her invisible barrier of security.  “God knows that when you eat of it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil,” Genesis 3:5.  God knows this?  
The Seraph tucked his hands stoically into the folds of iridescent feathers.  Invocations of panic and possibility filled the atmosphere.  Eve missed the glint of mischief in the Seraphs eye.  She was unconscious of the spell with which he had adjusted the very longings of her heart.  She was lost in the provocation of desire for that soft skinned, deep reddish purple opportunity to know the mind of God.  “God knows that when you eat it….”   God knows this?  And He hadn’t told me?  Is He keeping something from me?  Suggestions began to circle her emotions like buzzards.  After several spherical passes, she was noonday prey.  A door flew open.  A Seraph’s eyes danced with deadly hunger.  And an emotionally tangled woman only suckled on its momentary sweetness while passionately offering her husband a bite.  The doorbell rang.  The sharp blade of a guillotine fell.  The curtains of heaven pulled closed.  And Adam and Eve stood in the creeping grey clatter of devils, nervous, naked and alone. 

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